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RZRevo is changing Custom Screen Printing Revo-Soft Technology

We are bringing high-end water-based screen printing and discharge screen printing to Omaha Nebraska.

Red Zone is a cutting edge custom screen printing shop, that has re-mastered custom water-based screen printing as well as custom discharge screen printing. We are located in the heart of Omaha, Nebraska and are a Nebraska owned company. After many years of research and development, we have created our exclusive Revo-Soft technology. In short, Revo-Soft technology is a ground-breaking custom printing process which produces prints as soft as the shirt itself. Our chief goal is to create custom apparel that people most importantly love to wear.

Unlike traditional screen printing, RZRevo uses a specialized water-based & discharge screen printing method. Therefore this process is not only more comfortable while remaining durable than plastisol screen printing. Unlike many other Omaha custom screen print shops, we want to provide custom apparel that you, as well as your customers, will love, and most importantly love to wear.

Our Revolutionary Printing Technique

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RZRevolution Screen Printing

Say goodbye to heavy, stiff, chunky plastisol prints, that are constant results of traditional screen printing.  It is time to expect more and learn how REVOSoft’s print technologies are revolutionizing custom screen printing altogether.

To clarify, RZRevo uses a special type of water-based screen printing thus uses pigment dye inks that penetrate into the fibers of the fabric. Therefore permanently dying the graphic into the apparel, resulting in a much softer and longer lasting print. In effect, our prints are as soft as the shirt itself unlike the traditional stiff chunky print from old school screen printing.

REVOSoft Screen Print starts at $7 (min. 48 shirts)

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What Is Revo-Soft
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Revo Soft's Soft, Luxurious Fabrics

Now you've Gotta Feel This.

Important to realize, most cotton tees are made using carded open end cotton. Whereas, RZ Revolution cotton tees are made using only 100% combed and ring-spun cotton fabric — never carded open end fabric.

Important to realize, carded open end is a cheaper way of turning cotton into yarn, therefore, it is less comfortable. In general, those heavy, particularly scratchy, cardboard-like tees are specifically produced this way. Ultimately, you know what carded open end feels like and it's not that great.

Their tees:

Fibers are especially bulky & fuzzy consequently, it creates an uneven knit.

Our Tees:

On the other hand, 100% combed and ring-spun cotton is finer, smoother and knit consistently, therefore, is more comfortable.

What makes RZRevo different than other Omaha screen printing shops? The answer is; our prints coupled with our apparel. As a result, our tees are uniquely super soft, notably luxurious, and wearable.

Our ultimate objective is to provide t-shirts that people truly will love to wear. Resulting in you receiving more marketing exposure, as well as faster sell through paired with higher margins. For this reason, our first step is this super soft fabric.




Industry Brand

RZR Brand

Cotton yarn fiber under microscope.


Industry Brand

RZR Brand

Screen printed tee, zoomed 20x


Industry Brand

RZR Brand

Just The Right Fit

Custom apparel fits



First and foremost, we find the perfect garment for your needs, as well as one that will fit within your budget.

For example, we've all worn the "free promo" tees that companies give out. Typically, they are boxy and stiff, in general, this is why they are free. Ultimately, we might wear them once, but will shortly toss them in the trash or maybe turn them into a rag.

In contrast here at RZRevo, we have apparel experts to help choose the exact apparel needs. Garments that specifically appeal to your audience in cut, color, and material.

All in all, our goal is to manufacture t-shirts and apparel that become your customers and/or clients' new favorite shirt. Ultimately, apparel that will be worn often, therefore, is providing more marketing and advertising for your company or brand, resulting in a greater return on your marketing investment.

Not to mention, our design team will make sure that your garments show off your unique brand in a way that will truly turn heads.

No boxy fit

Our tees have a truly relaxed, tailored fit. Roomy in the right places and fitted enough to be sure your customers ultimately look great.

No winging sleeves

Not tight, just right. The perfect fit for a tee particularly starts in the sleeves.

Relaxed Soft Feel

Notably our shirts just feel better on the body, the soft cotton drapes and contours, rather than boxes and hangs.

Better With Wear

Because of our signifciantly superior screen printing process, these tees get noticbly softer with wear, instead of than falling apart.

Bring Your
Brand to Life

RZRevolution Design Services

Lastly, Our mission is to merge innovations in printing technologies and creative design that will compel people to abandon the ordinary for the extraordinary. Different from other custom print shops, we combine value with quality. Located in the middle of Omaha, Nebraska.  We are a proud local company that works closely with other local companies such as Nebraska Red Zone as well as the local universities and organization. We have spent a significant amount of time and research to get our Revo-Soft process to the point it is at today. At the same time, we do not just want to make soft shirts, we also make sure the graphics on the shirt are eye-catching and stand out from the crowd.

With this in mind if you have your logo and your own graphics that represent your company. Or on the other hand, you are in need of help with your custom apparel designed. Our skilled design team will make help make your apparel dreams a reality with the intention of creating something you are proud of.

Contact us today and let’s create something that will make your brand stand out from the crowd.

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Custom Apparel Innovation is our Passion.

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