What is Revo-Soft?

Revo-Soft is Red Zone Revolution’s ground – breaking screen printing process.

Revo-Soft is Only available at Red Zone.

Red Zones Revo-Soft technology eliminated the need for stiff chunky printing. Especially the prints that feel like a shield across your chest or back. With our screen printing technique, the graphic is as soft as the shirt itself!  Thus Revo-Soft prints are breathable and move with the garment for the most comfortable print you have ever felt.

In addition, to the Revo-Soft printing being super soft, they are also very durable. The print is dyed into the shirt, therefore the print will not peel or wear away with use.  Unlike the shirts at bottom of your drawers now. The more you wash our Revo-Soft shirts the softer the print becomes.  Revo-Soft Prints are tough enough to work in yet soft enough to lounge around in.

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Traditional Screen Printing

Traditional Screen Printing prints

Traditional Screen Printing is hard and the shirt contours to the print

Shirt Printed With Revo-Soft

Revo-Soft Ultra Soft Prints

Our Revo-Soft Printing is able to fold and contour to the shirt.