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How to get your Red Zone Sample Shirt

Everyone in the world loves free shirts, additionally, one that is ultra soft and durable? At the present time, if you are looking for a custom screen printer or custom apparel provider, RZRevo is sending out sample shirts with our Revo-Soft process. Ultimately are giving away RZRevo sample shirt,  specifically with the intention of showing why our unique process is significantly superior to traditional custom screen printing.

First and foremost we are an Omaha custom screen printing shop, however, we would love to work with you wherever you are located in the United States. If you are in Nebraska we would love to meet with you in our showroom or at your location and show you why our custom screen printing process is unique to other custom screen printers. Nevertheless, we love working with companies located outside of the Nebraska area, and certainly, would love to set up a meeting over the phone and explain why our process is unlike any other you have seen, accordingly we will send out a sample shirt ultimately showing why the REVO-Soft process is unlike any other. Important to realize that we will have other unique regulations for out of state customers.

How can you get a FREE sample shirt?

The only thing you need to quickly complete is this short questionnaire to help us understand your apparel needs. Second, you will receive an E-Mail to the provided E-mail address, quickly reply and answer the questions in the email. The email is sent for the reason that we are looking for a bit more information on your business or custom apparel needs, in addition to making sure we have an authentic E-Mail address.  Finally, we will send a Red Zone sample shirt to your business or home, paired with a small informational packet.

 Our three RZRevo Sample Shirts.

To point out RZRevo has three separate sample shirts to chose from. First, is our, RZRevo Safety Zone apparel that is both rugged while soft, perfect for everything from construction to landscaping and everything in between.  Second we have our Brand Impact version, the black and red shirt that is ideal for custom promotional apparel or clubs and organizations to help catch eyes and turn heads.  Lastly, our newest shirt is our REVO-Soft four color process. This apparel is perfect for the designs that need to get attention, this unique approach to traditional custom screen printing processes will help you stand out in a crowd for the right reason.

Our three sample shirts


Like stated above we are sending these out to help persuade future customers to work with us. In reality, we are not trying to just send out free shirts to whoever finishes the questionnaire and just wants free apparel. For this reason, we do reserve the right to deny sample shirt requests and make sure that you match the criteria we have in place before we send out a free sample shirt. Any request from outside of the United States will immediately be disregarded. In addition to any requests that we feel might have inaccurate information or are fabricated to fit our criteria. Furthermore, any request that is not followed by the email reply will be subject to become omitted.

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We ask that you fill it out if you actually are trying to find a custom screen printing provider, AND  YOU ARE IN NEED OF OVER 50 PIECES OF APPAREL.  Limit one per company request. We do not ship outside of the United States.

Thank you!